Greetings from Headquarters!

I would like to wish you and your families a Happy, Prosperous and Splendid 2019!

It is said that the New Year brings Happiness! As Ikebana Artists, every time we create ikebana we are filled with the sense of happiness and well being.  It’s this happiness that comes with doing ikebana that I’m asking all members to share I.I. with as many people as possible.

For the past two years, our membership around the world has been declining in part due to our aging members and disbanding of chapters.  As I wrote in the last newsletter, we all need to work and find a way to increase membership, before it becomes impossible to recover.

One idea to increase membership is to start promoting the 12th World Convention in 2022.  It’s our  I.I. World Convention that will attract many new members. So chapter presidents and members, lets begin the campaign to increase membership and spread Happiness and Joy with the Art of Ikebana!

In closing, please know that the Board of Directors and I are always available to assist with any questions and concerns you might have.  Also, know without your dedication and support, we cannot continue to promote our motto, “ Friendship through Flowers”

Diana Salansky
International President