Ikebana International produces three publications – I.I. Magazine, Chapter Activities and Sakura News, each issued three times a year and distributed free of charge to members and related organizations.

IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE Our II Magazine continues to be published three times a year featuring various articles on Japanese culture, crafts and foods. From the beginning of publishing in 1957, for over 60 years, we have tried to continue the tradition of quality editorial and images of ikebana arrangements of our sponsor schools.

CHAPTER ACTIVITIES is a report that features selected articles and pictures of II chapters from around the world.

SAKURA NEWS is published by Headquarters three times a year and is yet another way for Headquarters to stay connected to our members.

FLORAL FOCUS DICTIONARY is an English-Latin-Japanese and Japanese-English botanical name dictionary featuring 845 plants on 130 pages.

IKEBANA FOR KIDS introduces children to the basic concepts of ikebana without focus on any particular school of ikebana. We hope it inspires them to take up ikebana and discover the beauty of nature.