Ikebana International 10th World Convention
May 1-4, 2012 at Grand Pacific Le Daiba, Tokyo
Inherit the spirit of Ikebana and evolve into a peaceful world
Day 0 (April 30, Monday)
9:00- Set up
10:00 Joint Meeting
12:00 Friendship Room Open
12:00 Pre-Registration
13:00 Resolutions Com Meet
15:00 Minutes Appr Com Meet
16:00 Discussion Leaders Meet
Day 1 (May 1, Tuesday)
8:00 Prep for Exhibition
8:30 Registration
9:00 Friendship Room Open
10:00 Culture Prog (1) (2) (3)
13:30 Culture Prog (4) (5) (6)
16:00 Tape Cut for Exhibition
16:00 Exhibition Open
18:30 Opening Ceremony
19:25 Welcome Dinner
Day 2 (May 2, Wednesday)
9:00 Friendship Room Open
10:00 EGM
10:00 Exhibition Open
10:00 Open Public Program
11:30 Members' Demo (1) (2)
13:00 Demo by Ohara
14:40 Demo by Mishoryu
16:20 Demo by Ichiyo
17:30 Members' Demo (3) (4)
19:00 Dinner
Day 3 (May 3, Thurthday)
9:00 Friendship Room Open
9:00 Business Meeting-1
10:00 Exhibition Open
10:00 Open Public Program
11:30 Members' Demo (5) (6)
13:00 Forum
14:40 Demo by Ryusei-ha
16:20 Demo by Ikenobo
17:30 Members' Demo (7) (8)
19:00 Dinner
Day 4 (May 4, Friday)
9:00 Breakfast Meeting
11:30 Business Meeting-2
16:00 Demo by Sogetsu
19:00 Sayonara Banquet
Extraordinary General Meeting
meet1 meet2
meet3 meet4 meet5
meet3 meet4 meet5
Business Meeting
meet1The Business Meeting is one of the reasons for holding a world convention. It is here that legal issues, organizational structure, and the fundamental aspects of I.I. are presented and decided. A quorum of 80 delegates and 38 alternates was present. Various items of import and business were smoothly expedited and finalized, then the floor was opened for discussion.
Convention attendees from various chapters addressed and discussed two basic issues: the change of the legal status of I.I. under revision of Japanese law regarding nonprofit organizations, and an answer to one member's email challenge to the accepted and practical organizational structure of our association. These issues, plus concerned awareness of the 3/11/2011 East Japan natural disaster and nuclear power plant problem led to a remarkable result. The entire convention took on a new tone and ambience from this point. Meeting and facing basic issues directly served to create a sense of common cause and a focus.
meet2 meet3 meet4
meet2 meet3 meet4
Breakfast Discussion Meeting
meet21The Breakfast Discussion meeting produced proposals addressed at basic issues that the I.I. organization and individual chapters now face.
  • Open chapter activities to the public free of charge at a wide range of venues: garden fairs/flower shows; schools/colleges/universities; libraries, museums, art galleries; shopping malls; shops; parks/gardens; consulates, office buildings; homes; TV coverage. Cooperative events with: cultural festivals; hobby and craft organizations/groups; food and wine fairs; farmers, flea, and antique markets.......
  • Ecological awareness and activities
  • Membership: Versatile, various, and persevering recruitment programs; target men's and young people's groups and organizations; chapter membership/dues flexibly organized to meet local and individual needs.
  • Communication/outreach: vigorous use of email and internet for inter-chapter communication; strong and attractive chapter websites; Facebook and Linkedln presence; personal blogs; chapters develop community presence; local mass media presence;......
  • Fundraising: think outside the box and go for it!
meet2 meet3 meet4
meet31The main issue of the forum was a discussion between I.I. members and school representatives about the role and function of I.I. as an umbrella organization of numerous ikebana schools. Members strongly stated the value to them of being able to see and experience the different approaches to ikebana of schools other than the one(s) they belong to. Programs for sending ikebana masters abroad are very valuable. Both I.I. and different schools promote such programs, but they are financially demanding.
Japanese ikebana masters also travel abroad privately. I.I. has served as an organizer as well as a coordinator and communication center for many such outreach programs originating in Japan. As well, there are ikebana teachers and masters resident abroad, whose teaching activities are directed and coordinated in various ways.

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Ikebana International 10th World Convention
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