Ikebana International 10th World Convention
May 1-4, 2012 at Grand Pacific Le Daiba, Tokyo
Inherit the spirit of Ikebana and evolve into a peaceful world
Day 0 (April 30, Monday)
9:00- Set up
10:00 Joint Meeting
12:00 Friendship Room Open
12:00 Pre-Registration
13:00 Resolutions Com Meet
15:00 Minutes Appr Com Meet
16:00 Discussion Leaders Meet
Day 1 (May 1, Tuesday)
8:00 Prep for Exhibition
8:30 Registration
9:00 Friendship Room Open
10:00 Culture Prog (1) (2) (3)
13:30 Culture Prog (4) (5) (6)
16:00 Tape Cut for Exhibition
16:00 Exhibition Open
18:30 Opening Ceremony
19:25 Welcome Dinner
Day 2 (May 2, Wednesday)
9:00 Friendship Room Open
10:00 EGM
10:00 Exhibition Open
10:00 Open Public Program
11:30 Members' Demo (1) (2)
13:00 Demo by Ohara
14:40 Demo by Mishoryu
16:20 Demo by Ichiyo
17:30 Members' Demo (3) (4)
19:00 Dinner
Day 3 (May 3, Thurthday)
9:00 Friendship Room Open
9:00 Business Meeting-1
10:00 Exhibition Open
10:00 Open Public Program
11:30 Members' Demo (5) (6)
13:00 Forum
14:40 Demo by Ryusei-ha
16:20 Demo by Ikenobo
17:30 Members' Demo (7) (8)
19:00 Dinner
Day 4 (May 4, Friday)
9:00 Breakfast Meeting
11:30 Business Meeting-2
16:00 Demo by Sogetsu
19:00 Sayonara Banquet
Opening Ceremony
open1The Ikebana International World Convention 2012 opened on a quiet, forward-looking note. Despite Japan's terrible natural disaster in 2011, a sluggish world economy, and I.I. acclimating to basic changes in its legal status, the mood was calm and positive. Following I.I. President Wienczyslawa Sato's welcoming speech, Honorary President H.I.H. Princess Takamado declared the Convention open: ..... I would like you to look at Japan and see how much she has recovered, how much we are looking forward, but how much we still need to work towards restoring the Japan that was and possibly creating a new Japan.
World Convention Chairperson Nobuko Usui expressed a well-founded optimism: "For this convention we have chosen the theme Inherit the Spirit of Ikebana and Evolve into a Peaceful World. She then introduced the 86 I.I. chapters attending the Convention; members raised their hands as their chapters were recognized. The Japan Foundation President Hiroyasu Ando also gave a warm greeting speech.
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I.I. President Wienczyslawa Sato then presented certificates of honor to 20 I.I. members with 45 years of membership in the organization and to Leela Raj Kumar and Veena Dass, recognized by the government of Japan for profound contributions to promoting Japanese traditional culture abroad through ikebana activities.
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The Welcome Dinner was honored by the presence of both H.I.H. Princess Takamado and H.I.H. Princess Akishino.
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A toast was presented by Former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Atsuko Toyama, which was followed by a duet performance of the famous Drinking Song (Libiamo ne' lieti calici} from Verdi's La Traviata. Mr. George Newman from Washington, D.C., addressed the dinner as a representative "ikebana spouse.
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The entertainment was memorable: three dances from Okinawa.
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Ikebana International 10th World Convention
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Photos by McEdit (Yoichiro Kikuchi & Kenji Miura), and Ohmori Photo Studio