Ikebana International 10th World Convention
May 1-4, 2012 at Grand Pacific Le Daiba, Tokyo
Inherit the spirit of Ikebana and evolve into a peaceful world
Day 0 (April 30, Monday)
9:00- Set up
10:00 Joint Meeting
12:00 Friendship Room Open
12:00 Pre-Registration
13:00 Resolutions Com Meet
15:00 Minutes Appr Com Meet
16:00 Discussion Leaders Meet
Day 1 (May 1, Tuesday)
8:00 Prep for Exhibition
8:30 Registration
9:00 Friendship Room Open
10:00 Culture Prog (1) (2) (3)
13:30 Culture Prog (4) (5) (6)
16:00 Tape Cut for Exhibition
16:00 Exhibition Open
18:30 Opening Ceremony
19:25 Welcome Dinner
Day 2 (May 2, Wednesday)
9:00 Friendship Room Open
10:00 EGM
10:00 Exhibition Open
10:00 Open Public Program
11:30 Members' Demo (1) (2)
13:00 Demo by Ohara
14:40 Demo by Mishoryu
16:20 Demo by Ichiyo
17:30 Members' Demo (3) (4)
19:00 Dinner
Day 3 (May 3, Thurthday)
9:00 Friendship Room Open
9:00 Business Meeting-1
10:00 Exhibition Open
10:00 Open Public Program
11:30 Members' Demo (5) (6)
13:00 Forum
14:40 Demo by Ryusei-ha
16:20 Demo by Ikenobo
17:30 Members' Demo (7) (8)
19:00 Dinner
Day 4 (May 4, Friday)
9:00 Breakfast Meeting
11:30 Business Meeting-2
16:00 Demo by Sogetsu
19:00 Sayonara Banquet
School Demonstrations
The school demonstrations offer World Convention attendees an intense experience of the greatest ikebana artists and of the energy of the organizations and philosophies that they represent. That the demonstrations are done for an audience of deeply experienced ikebana artists challenges the demonstrators. They are expected to do more than present just remarkable skill and fine organization, and clever staging; rather they have the opportunity to show the essence of their school's power and art and to transcend the theatrical demands of filling a large stage with impressive display.

demo11Ohara School
Providing commentary and insights behind the podium was Ms Wakako Ohara, Chief Executive. On stage were Mr. Koji Kanamori and Mr. Hirokazu Yokohigashi dressed in gray formal attire (hakama).
Iemoto-Designate Kei Hihara officiated. Misho-Ryu is a vigorous school started in the late 18th century with artistic philosophy grounded in the Ten Chi Jin trinity and today using this classic concept as springboard for adventures into contemporary expression as well as maintaining the classical elegance of historical forms.
demo31Ichiyo School
Iemoto Akihiro Kasuya loves bamboo. His demonstrations always present this material with a relaxed freshness and casual ease that (deceptively) makes his ikehana look simple. Only when an arrangement is complete do we see that the mind of a master has created high art. He and his son, lemoto-Designate Naohiro Kasuya, started by opening the bamboo frames of two 6-panel standing screens.
The officiator and facilitator was Vice-President Kashu Yoshimura. In keeping with the Ryusei-Ha principle and philosophy of expressive direct encounters with materials, and an emphasis on the more abstract nuances of ikebana as well as developing the power of classic seika and rikka, the demonstration happened all at once, rather than in stages and parts, as with other schools.
Ikenoho School is justly proud of being the oldest extant school of ikebana. The demonstration was a capsule history of this floral art interpreted through Ikenobo styles, from the classic to the contemporary. Headmaster Designate Yuki Ikenoho officiated.
demo61Sogetsu School
Iemoto Akane Teshigahara officiated. The demonstration started with two tabletop arrangements, with Iemoto Akane Teshigahara spotlighted on a dark stage. In a brilliant red glass container, she placed branches of bleached mulberry; cattail leaves were added, then, carefully and rapidly, carnations, peony, baby's breath, a white coral fan, and purple larkspur, creating a dynamic and vigorous composition.
Ikebana International 10th World Convention
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Photos by McEdit (Yoichiro Kikuchi & Kenji Miura), and Ohmori Photo Studio