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Meetings & Friendship
Business Meeting

One of the basic reasons and pillars of a world convention is to review, and revise if necessary, the organizational rules and bylaws of Ikebana International. The Business Meeting is the venue where this happens. The Ninth World Convention Business Meeting on October 28 proceeded smoothly and took less time than expected.

The atmosphere was light, the members focused and clear about the issues. A quorum of the 107 delegates and 52 alternates was present and adopted the Standing Rules for the meeting by general consent. Similarly, the program presented by the program chairperson was adopted by general consent.

The Resolutions Committee then presented resolutions, The contents of the approved resolutions will be published in Sakura News after they are ratified by the International Board and the individual chapters.

Past President Mona Lutz then presented a Courtesy Resolution, which reads in part: "And as we strive with our flowers and branches to create beauty, we strengthen goodwill and harmony. We honor nature and the inherent creative spirit that mankind shares. In this time of turmoil and environmental distress, what better way to promote peaceful understanding between nations, cultures and peoples. May we continue spreading visual beauty and spiritual vitality around the world through the art of ikebana".

Since all the business was completed quickly, it was decided not to hold a second Business Meeting on October 31.

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Members-at-Large Meeting

The Members-at-Large (MAL) meeting aired problems that MALs encounter, such as communication with other members, getting information of I.I. activities, receipt of magazine, dues payment, etc.

Breakfast Discussion Meeting

This meeting, organized jointly by Tokyo Founding Chapter and Okinawa Chapter revolved around discussion among the members of each breakfast table about topics important to Ikebana International.

Most tables saw a healthy mix of nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The main topics this time focused on I.I.fs future: (1) How to increase the interest of young people in ikebana and I.I.; (2) How to strengthen the interest of local communities in ikebana and I.I.; (3) How to increase communication and the sharing of ideas among chapters;

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and also (4) What can we, as ikebana artists and professionals, do to help protect the environment? These issues were discussed, and reports were submitted by each table. The summary will be published in Sakura News.


One table was set aside for nonmembers, and this became a polynational table of "ikebana husbands." The men at this table found common ground in their various experiences, and this serendipitous meeting may well result in an I.I. support group.

Open Forum

Since the scheduled second Business Meeting was canceled, International President Nadia El Borai called this open meeting to air and discuss pertinent issues that members wished to present. Any member could attend, but, since it was the closing day of the Convention, attendance was less than hoped for. Still, the issues raised needed attention, and it was hoped that this Open Forum would become a feature of future conventions.

Friendship Room - Friendship through Flowers in Action
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A good name - Friendship Room. It could also be called the Comfort and Balm Room, A Place to Sit Down Room. Under the capable organization and leadership of the Fukuoka Chapter, here was where attendees came to meet, to relax, be sustained by beverages and, of course, by the marvelous sweets, snacks, nibbles, and savories brought by sponsors and by delegates from countries spread over our planet. For a brief time, this room was probably the only place in Japan where one could enjoy barfi and other Indian sweets. The spread of food was an adventurous nibbler's paradise as well as sustenance for over-stimulated senses caused by the hurly-burly of the convention and efforts to figure out the hotel labyrinth.

The Friendship Room also hosted the ongoing, mini culture workshops - brush calligraphy, origami and pressed flowers.

The Remembrance Wall was here, honoring the memory and accomplishments of iemotos and past presidents who are no longer with us. Photographs were tastefully displayed as part of an arrangement of bamboo and flowers.

Get Together

On the evening of October 29, the room was the venue of a casual Get Together. One of the powerful results of a convention of any kind is the seeds sown at social functions and friendly meetings, official and unofficial. The positive energy of the Convention could be seen in the animation and sparkle in the faces of everyone present.


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Special Tea Party

A special tea party was held at Hakuoh Room for Honorary President H.I.H. Princess Takamado, guests from 14 embassies, people of ikebana associations, sponsors of the Convention, the present and past presidents of Ikebana International, and distinguished guests.