Ikebana International, founded in 1956, has the objective of promoting mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and other countries through the introduction of ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) and other related Japanese traditional arts to such countries. The motto of the association is Friendship through Flowers.

Any person or organization who agrees with that objective is welcome to join us by becoming a member of Ikebana International.

Members of Ikebana International live in over 50 countries and areas. Most of them have studied ikebana in one of the many schools of ikebana. Some of them have never studied ikebana at all, but enjoy observing the art form and learning about that and other Japanese traditional arts. At Ikebana International meetings all over the world, there are stimulating interactions and sharing of various ikebana schools’ inspirations, styles, philosophy, history, techniques, and other points of difference and common interest, as well as educational and entertaining activities relating to other Japanese traditional arts.

Please note that Ikebana International does not provide ikebana lessons. Those who want to take ikebana lessons should contact an ikebana school or ikebana teacher directly.

Ikebana International has two categories of membership:
1. Regular Member
2. Honorary Member

Regular Members are individuals or organizations who are in agreement with Ikebana International’s objective, have become members of Ikebana International, and pay annual dues.

Honorary Members are individuals approved for this category by the Board of Directors of Ikebana International from among those who have specially contributed to Ikebana International.

The association’s business year is from July 1 to June 30.

Membership Dues: JPY 6,000 / Year

All payments payable to Ikebana International shall be made in Japanese Yen net of any bank charges.

Payment Options

PayPal Handling Charge: +5%
1) Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.
2) PayPal Account Transfer: account@ikebanahq.org

Japan Post Office: No. 00170-4-719272

Bank Charge: +JPY4,000 / Transfer
Bank: MIZUHO BANK, LTD. Kudan Branch.
2-4 Kanda Jimbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0051, JAPAN
Branch Number: 532
Account Number: 0719019
Swift Code: MHCBJPJT

Member Registration Forms

For Individual Membership, please fill out the individual form (see below) and email it to i.i.thirdvp@ikebanahq.org. Once we receive your form, the form will be reviewed by the International Board of Directors. After their decision you will need to submit a Membership Registration Form (see below) together with your payment of JPY6,000.

PayPal Payment Options

For PayPal account transfer, please send to account@ikebanahq.org
For Credit Card payment, please enter your info as required by PayPal
Membership Dues: JPY 6,000

All payments payable in Japanese Yen net of any bank charges

JPY6,000 + Tax (PayPal fee 5%)

Category of Membership
JPY6,000 + Tax (PayPal fee 5%)

Download the Application forms here:

Application Form for Individual Members (PDF format)

Application Form for Individual Members (DOC format)

Chapter Membership Registration Form (PDF format)

Chapter Membership Registration Form (DOC format)

Your membership will be confirmed to you by PayPal through email. You can either remain a Regular Member (not joining any I.I. chapter), or become a chapter member by presenting the printed PayPal payment confirmation to an I.I. chapter, obtaining its approval and paying the chapter dues.



Three issues of Ikebana International publication annually.
Access to all past issues of I.I. newsletters viewable online through the website of I.I. Activities (Publication page) and Sakura News (I.I. Members page).
Eligibility to participate in Ikebana International World Convention and Regional Conferences.
Eligibility to join Ikebana International’s 161 chapters worldwide, to participate in chapters’ monthly meetings, enjoy ikebana demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, fairs and activities.
Opportunities to share ideas about ikebana, and most of all to enjoy our motto Friendship Through Flowers by making new friends around the world.