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Updated: March 7, 2017  
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Regional Conferences
14th Asian Regional Conference
April 27-30, 2018
in Hong Kong
13th Asian Regional Conference
November 12-15, 2015
The Grand Hotel
Taipei, Taiwan

Hosted by Taipei Chapter #105
Chairperson: Lan-Hsin (Lansing) Chen
E-mail: lansing.chen@gmail.com

Principal Guest Master:
Iemoto Akane Teshigahara, Sogetusu School

Please join us for a fun-filled ikebana gathering
and to refresh our friendship through flowers.
As the host of the 13th Asian Regional Conference, Taipei Chapter appreciates all the passionate response and support to this auspicious event. Up to date the number of registrants has reached 360 persons, which is far more than the originally planned figure. Therefore, the Conference Committee made the difficult decision to announce regretfully that the registration for the Conference is closed from this moment.
In Friendship through flowers,
Lansing Chen
Conference Chairperson
The 13th Asian Regional Conference

18th North & Central American Regional Conference

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click the above to enlarge
9th European Regional Conference
Ikebana International Hana Belgium Chapter #248 is honored to have been nominated to organize the European Regional Conference 2018. Although Belgium is a very small country, it is the political and cultural heart of Europe.
Our Hana Chapter consists of very active and enthusiastic members. Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu are the most represented schools in Belgium.
Also the Ichiyo School will be present. The Netherland, Luxembourg and Norway will join us in Belgium to make this conference a tremendous success. The European Regional Conference will be held in one of our most historical towns, with lots of opportunities for sightseeing, splendid scenery, possibilities to meet artists and, of cause, delicious food and chocolate, for which Belgium is so famous all over the world.
We look forward to meeting you from August 27th to 31st 2018 in Belgium. It will no doubt be a once in a lifetime experience.
6th South American Regional Conference

June 7 - 10, 2016
in Asunción, Paraguay

Please continue to check the website
for new updated information on this conference

Invitation for the 6th South American Regional Conference

Program Conference of Paraguay

Registration Form

Ikebana Schools
Saga Goryu
Saga Goryu
Shinpa Seizan
Shinpa Seizan
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