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Announcement of the 12th World Convention

I am pleased to inform you that the Ikebana International 12th World Convention will be held May 1 – 4, 2022, at the Hotel New Otani. The New Otani is one of Tokyo’s finest hotels with a tradition of accomplished service.
Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, the hotel is convenient to many forms of transportation yet is quiet and restful, offering a center of repose in the metropolis. May has Japan’s best weather; days are dry and warm with generous sunshine, trees are in blossom, and many flowers in the hotel’s ample garden are doing an excellent at being beautiful. We hope that all readers of this plus many many more will join this event.

The theme of the Ikebana International 12th World Convention is

Honor the Past
Exhilarate the Future

Ikebana is very much a NOW activity, yet our thoughts and outlook naturally engage with what has gone before, and we may also find meaning in creative impulses that reach into the future.

Ikebana itself may serve as a bridge to the future, a bridge between mankind and nature, a source of understanding and power. It is an often-repeated truth that ikebana is an affirmation of life; for the serious, committed ikebanist, negative emotions simply have no place. The flowers themselves are a focus, a source of calm, inner energy, and insight.

Like all art, ikebana is a powerful medium of communication, through which we may influence the world around us, starting with ourselves. The positive energy intrinsic to this art form touches minds and hearts, and, perhaps, touches events. It is a medium of peace and understanding. Ikebana brings us closer to the beauty of our planet and our planet’s beauty closer to us.
The theme color of this 12th convention is yellow, signifying the sun, which stimulates all life on our planet.

The green Ginkgo biloba tree leaf, the official logo of Tokyo, was chosen as a logo. Today’s Ginkgo biloba tree is the only remaining member of this ancient species, with some living trees claimed to be more than 2,500 years old. The ginkgo’s longevity and its medical virtues manifest the wish that I.I. will prosper for many years in health and embrace wishes for a
long and healthy life for everyone.


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