The Convention Organizing Committee is now working on the details of the convention. We hope that by the beginning of 2022 we will be able to disclose the detailed program.

The major highlight of the convention is of course the spectacular ikebana demonstrations by the Headmasters and Headmistresses of ikebana schools. It is always exciting to experience the wide range of ikebana styles represented, from classical to modern, and the see latest innovations come to life onstage.

In terms of workshops, we are excited to announce something new – special hands-on ikebana workshops to be sponsored by various ikebana schools. These will take the place of the former culture programs that we offered at previous world conventions. We think this new ikebana workshop format opens up the opportunity to try techniques of ikebana schools, other than your own, under the tutelage of well-known ikebana artists, perhaps leading to a deeper understanding of ikebana.

At the Business Meetings, members can show their commitment to and enthusiasm for the management of our organization and determine pathways to fulfill our mission and artistic commitment.

The Friendship Room will be open during the entire event where attendees will have the opportunity to meet old friends as well as make new friends.

There will also be ikebana demonstrations by members from diverse ikebana schools.

Ikebana International 12th World Convention