About Ikebana International

Ikebana International (I.I.) is a worldwide, nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of ikebana. The organization was founded in 1956 by the late Ellen Gordon Allen whose dream was to create an association uniting the people of the world through their mutual love of nature and enjoyment of ikebana. Today, that dream has spread to over 44 countries/areas, with nearly 140 chapters and a membership of around 7,000 persons.

The motto of the association is “Friendship through Flowers” and any person or organization accepting that objective is welcome to join us as a member of Ikebana International.

Ikebana International does not teach or endorse any single type of ikebana. It is an association that encompasses many different schools. The members are people from various parts of the world who enjoy and practice ikebana and have interests in other traditional Japanese art forms. Some schools stress classical styles; others focus on free style, and some a blend of both. Our members gain the opportunity to learn about ikebana of many different schools – their inspirations, styles, philosophy, history, and techniques – We benefit from those interactions through meetings, demonstrations, exhibitions and other events. Another unique feature of Ikebana International is that the organization was founded by and continues to be administered almost entirely by volunteers.

Interview Video “Reflecting on the History of Ikebana International”

“Reflecting on the History of Ikebana International”

Honorary Advisor of Ikebana International, Mrs. Etsuko Hattori tells you the story of those early days of our organization. Recorded on November 16, 2021 by Creative Plant Inc.



  • ・Three issues of Ikebana International publication annually
  • ・Online access to past issues of I.I. newsletters (Sakura News, Chapter Activities)
  • ・Eligibility to participate in Ikebana International World Conventions and Regional Conferences
  • ・Eligibility to join any of Ikebana International chapters worldwide and thus participate in chapter monthly meetings, ikebana demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, fairs and activities
  • ・Opportunities to share ideas about ikebana and explore the meaning of our motto “Friendship through Flowers” by making new friends around the world

We are a nonprofit organization whose operation is supported by membership fees. By joining us, you will become a key supporter of this association and its initiatives throughout the world and enjoy the tremendous benefits by becoming a member.

Ikebana International business year is from July 1 to June 30. Annual memberships dues are from July 1 to June 30.

How to become a member


Individuals or Organizations that accept our motto – “Friendship through Flowers”. Regular membership has 2 categories: Chapter member and Individual Member.
Please note that Ikebana International does not provide ikebana lessons.
Those who wish to take ikebana lessons should contact an ikebana school or ikebana teacher directly.

Chapter Member

Contact any chapter in your area on I. I. CHAPTERS page.
This provides the contact lists.
Follow the procedures. If you are unable to contact the chapter which you want to join, please feel free to ask ikebana@ikebanahq.org

Individual Member

Fill out the Application Form for Membership Registration (Individual)
(see below) and email to the Membership Department; member@ikebanahq.org
It will be reviewed at the International Board of Directors’ Meeting. Once the application is approved, the applicant is expected to submit the Membership Registration Form to the Membership Department and pay membership dues of JPY 6,000. After the payment is confirmed, a Membership Card will be sent to the applicant.


This is a special category for individuals who have been approved at the International Board of Directors Meeting.