Tomoko Takada

President’s Message

Dear Members of Ikebana International and Ikebana Friends,

At our Annual General Meeting on September 20th 2023, nineteen directors were elected to the International Board by the vote of our Ikebana International members.
Our membership is now 6288 in 137 chapters. All of us on the International Board are volunteers.

Ikebana International was established by an American lady, Mrs. Ellen Goldon Allen in 1956. During the 67 years since the organization was founded, her motto, “Friendship through Flowers”, has been vividly inherited by the worldwide members of Ikebana International.

If you are not already member of Ikebana International, I encourage you to become a member of the nearest chapter and participate in the many events organized by the chapter.

The regional conferences and the Ikebana International 13th World Convention will be held soon. There will be many opportunities to see the wonderland of ikebana.

We have had to face countless disasters and I feel so sorry for those who lost their loved ones. Despite the severe unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic, I am sure all the chapters tried very hard to increase our membership. It is not always so easy to find the best solution. But we were able to overcome difficulties and our bond must have become stronger ever since. We now must move forward. Let’s make this year fruitful.

Tomoko Takada