2. Zurich Chapter #214 and Basel Chapter #227

Zurich Chapter #214 and Basel Chapter #227

The Nihon Matsuri is organized by the Bernese Historical Museum of Berne, the Japanese Information and Cultural Centre Berne, and the Embassy of Japan Berne.

What a rush for the Nihon Matsuri? There were so many people interested in the Japan-Event that the entrance had to be closed temporarily.
The wonderful summer weather helped to make the varied activities in the outdoor area of the museum a great success. The colourful offer, from culinary to cultural, was very well perceived and enjoyed by the numerous visitors. Like a big spring market, the Nihon Matsuri became a lively and cheerful event.

In the interior of the museum, our small Ikebana exhibition was displayed as a contribution to the cultural programme. The Ikebana exhibition was organised and carried out in cooperation of the two Ikebana International Basel and Zurich Chapters, with Ursina Früh holding the lead.
The representation of four schools by two chapters was again a good and successful cooperation of the two Swiss German Ikebana International Chapters. Many thanks to all dedicated exhibitors for their beautiful Ikebana, their commitment to Ikebana International and their help in presenting Ikebana to the public!

Zurich Chapter #214 and Basel Chapter #227