Message from Ken Katayama

The Ikebana International 11th World Convention was held from April 12 to 15, 2017, in Okinawa prefecture, in the presence of HIH Princess Hitachi, HIH Princess Takamado, and HIH Princess Ayako of Takamado, and
was concluded with great success. I would like to express my gratitude to the I.I. members and all those concerned who worked for the World Convention.
We had been concerned about the location of the convention venue, which for the first time lies outside Japan’s main islands. To our surprise, however, sign-ups quickly reached the maximum number in the first three months after registration opened, which assured us that the lovely island of Okinawa attracted people from around the world. I remember my sense of relief when participating iemotos from the seven ikebana schools stated their like of Okinawa as a venue.
I further wish to express my appreciation to iemotos of the seven ikebana schools for their wonderful demonstrations, to Okinawa prefecture and the many businesses and organization, including I.I. chapters, who agreed to be sponsors, and all those of COC•COD•I.I. Okinawa who made efforts to arrange for the convention during the past years.
Just like finding a way in the darkness, our committee gradually came to grasp how to manage and recognize the uniqueness of Okinawa in the process of meetings we held there. We are, therefore, extremely gratified by the broad recognition of the quality and success of the convention.
I look forward to having the pleasure of reunion with you at the next Ikebana International World Convention in 2022.
I would like to close my remarks by expressing once again our sincere appreciation.

Ken Katayama
Ikebana International 11th World Convention

Message from Junko Katano

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all members to have completed the 11th World Convention with great success, in the presence of the Honorary President of Nihon Ikebana Geijutsu Kyokai, HIH Princess Hitachi,
Ikebana International Honorary President, HIH Princess Takamado, and Princess Ayako. It is a great honor to share the 11th World Convention with you in this magazine.
Seven ikebana schools presented ikebana demonstrations, and the Ikebana Exhibition featured ikebana arrangements by ikebana headmasters, master teachers, and many members of Ikebana International from all over the world. At the Business Meeting, we discussed and voted on several resolutions and amendments. The Opening Ceremony, Welcome Dinner, Evening Discussion Meeting, Sayonara Banquet, Culture Programs, and City Tours gave
us the opportunity to deepen our friendships through our shared love of ikebana. The DVD of the 11th World Convention, which shows highlights of the convention, is now available on the I.I. online shop. Seeing the DVD as
well as this magazine, you can feel the atmosphere of the World Convention. I am sure that our motto Friendship through Flowers surely bloomed in Okinawa, and I wish it will continue to the 12th World Convention in 2022.

Junko Katano
International President (Sept. 2015– Sept. 2017)

Message from Masako Oshiro

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all members attending the 11th World Convention held from April 12 to 15, 2017 at Okinawa Convention Center. I was glad to have a chance to meet all members from 35 countries and I could make “Friendship through Flowers” with this Convention’s theme of “A garland of flowers, A ring of hearts, Encircling the world.” At the same time, it was a great honor for Okinawa Prefecture and the members of Okinawa Chapter to have the World Convention here in Okinawa.
When we knew that the World Convention would be held in Okinawa, we were so glad. However, we worried about how to deal with the coming works to support the Convention.
It was announced from the I.I. Headquarters that the objective of this year (2015-2016) was to expand membership. To help this objective, Okinawa Chapter tried to increase the membership and could register 135 members to the World Convention. To our chapter’s effort, we were awarded the certificate of appreciation to the significant increase of the membership.
The 11th World Convention organized city tours and we could provide translating guides to help the tours. The visitors could enjoy the tours and sense the rich culture of Okinawa explained by the guides.
In closing, I would like to express my appreciation to President of Ikebana International, Junko Katano, and Convention Chairperson, Ken Katayama, as well as all organizing committee members of the 11th World Convention.

Masako Oshiro
Past President of Okinawa Chapter, I.I. (Jun, 2015 – 2017)

Demonstrations – Ichiyo School

Demonstrations – Koryu Shokai

Demonstrations – Ohara School

Demonstrations – Saga Goryu

Demonstrations – Misho School

Demonstrations – Ikenobo

Demonstrations – Sogetsu School

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