2. Chicago Chapter #27

Chicago Chapter #27

Our chapter started 2023 with an elegant tea and demonstration at Skokie Country Club. The guests arrived even though there was a winter storm. There was whiteout outside, but Ikebana passion overcame the bad weather.

Ikebana artists made arrangements in Ichiyo, Ohara, Sogetsu and Ikenobo styles.
A visiting demonstrator and guests from the Milwaukee Chapter were especially welcome.
The demonstration team included Susan Haney from Ikenobo, Laurie Wareham from Ichiyo School, Toshiko Kolback form Sogetsu School and Yuko Inoue-Darcy from Ohara School. Susan Sensei led the demonstration with Shoka and Jiyuka. What a great tradition of Ikenobo evolved from the basic to the modern style! Laurie Sensei chose Hana Ajiro with gloriosa to showcase the freestyle beauty of Ichiyo School. Toshiko Sensei arranged amaryllis with a big festive mizuhiki knot. Yuko Sensei chose beautiful orchids in the Ohara School signature moribana to celebrate New Year. Not only was the demonstration well received by everyone, the food and service were excellent and praised by attendees. Some members also brought in containers and ikebana related items to sell at the Ways and Means tables. Some lucky members got really good deals out of it. What a great event to connect Ikebana lovers. School brochures were given out by the demonstrators to all attendees to better understand the Ikebana schools. They are very informative.

The calendar of I.I. events for 2023, including an exhibition, participation in an anime convention, zoom events, and workshops was presented.

Chicago Chapter #27