2. Taipei Chapter #105

Taipei Chapter #105

The 55th year’s Celebration of Taipei Chapter was started by Flower Exhibition in SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI Department store, Taipei. On 29th of September 2022, more than 100 members from different schools set up the exhibition. The 8 grand pieces were carried out by the members from each school, 5 to 8 members who were guided by senior teachers from each school. More than 100 members were responsible for the standard pieces. It was a 3-day exhibition, and there were 3435 participants in total. There were 10 schools in total, which were Ikenobo, Sogetsu, Ohara, Shofukadokai, Nisshin, Shofu, Jenwen Kado, MAMI F.D., Eigetsu Koryu, and Chinese Floral Art. It is worth mentioning that there was a special guest from Tokyo Founding Chapter, Kana Okawa, the Executive Director of TFC, who participated in the opening ceremony. The representative grand piece of the I.I. was represented by the Chairman of I.I. Taipei Chapter and its members.

Flower arrangement demonstration of Ikenobo Kado Iemoto Taiwan Taichibana Branch was carried out by the senior teachers from the branch who demonstrated Taichibana, Freestyle, Rikka Shimputai, and Shoka Shimputai. On the second day of the exhibition, there was a small concert presented by students from the DunHua elementary school. After the concert, there was an activity for the color painting where they can paint their aprons for the flower arrangement.

The last day of exhibition, 2nd of October 2022, all participants gathered again to dismantle the exhibition.

Taipei Chapter #105