2. Chicago Chapter #27

Chicago Chapter #27

October 2020

First Virtual Exhibit – over 70 photo arrangements from 4 ikebana schools
-The passion of Ikebana has comforted us and has given us the strength to deal with the most difficult time. The result, the membership increased 25% from last year including junior members and associate members.

Ikebana Video series and a shot program Via Zoom
・the demonstrations in Dallas conference last year
・demonstration – Ohara School, Ichiyo School and Sogetsu

February 21, 2021
Photographing Your Ikebana arrangements by Shelley Galloway –via zoom
・The different ways to use light when taking pictures of our floral arrangements
・Presented how she takes pictures using her smart phone, use of a tripod
・How to position the camera and a variety of light boxes available in the market as well as light

March 13, 2021
Endless Possibilities with Washi Follow up by a demonstration of origami art @ Zoom Video
After the washi paper video, a Junior Ikebana member from our very own Chicago Chapter did an origami dahlia flower and showed several origami flowers that she placed in a container. Having Junior members participate and motivate other Juniors to be part of Ikebana is a goal that Chicago chapter is cultivating. We support and believe that it is important to pass to the next generation the love of the art of Ikebana.

Chicago Chapter #27