2. Kobe Chapter #181

Kobe Chapter #181

Outside the hall of the Kobe Club, we can see the scattering petals of cherry blossoms.
Inside the hall, we can see thoughtful artwork which was arranged by Mr. Chiei Otsu.
He is the vice-iemoto of Miyako Misho-ryu and is currently active with the young leaders of traditional culture in Kyoto.

The large work was made with different materials to unite with one another.
Under the circumstances such as the Corona pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, through the daily news reports, Mr. Otsu’s desire was to bring them together as soon as possible and come together as one. The meeting was very heart-felt with his thoughts and desires for unity.

By arranging the living flowers into tall inorganic vases, this combination harmonizes well.
We could feel his thoughts trying to unite different materials into one. For the final touch, the colorful balls made of Mizuhiki were prepared and arranged. In his second work, we could enjoy the surface and line combination, and add more lines to feel movement. The third one used metal and living flowers. With the addition of flowers, the work was even more harmonized.

Kobe Chapter #181