2. New York Chapter #7

New York Chapter #7

Anna Nakada is a Junior Executive Master of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana and a longtime student of the late Third Headmaster Akihiro Kasuya of Ichiyo School. She has taught and demonstrated Ichiyo in the US and overseas since 1996, including three solo demonstrations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An avid supporter of Ikebana International, Anna was elected International President of Ikebana International (2001-2002) and continues serving in other capacities.

The demonstration was given by Anna Nakada at Nippon Club, New York City on December 6. She created 7 beautiful arrangements while educating the audience about the Ichiyo School and discussing what she was doing while arranging.

Named for the famous shopping district in Tokyo, our chapter also held a Ginza Bazaar to fundraise with donated ikebana containers and accessories. For the “white elephant table” we welcome Japanese items such as containers, jewelry, and other fun items suitable for holiday shopping. The Ginza Bazaar proceeds benefit II NY. 10% of the proceeds go to the Carola Meller Memorial Fund for educational purposes.
Our attendees, including our honorary guest, Mme. Ishikane, wife of Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane (Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations), enjoyed the demonstration, Ginza Bazaar as well as lunch. Our new members were introduced and given bouquets of flowers to take home.

New York Chapter #7