2. Sri Lanka Chapter #262, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Chapter #262, Sri Lanka

Blossoms of Hope 2024

Ikebana International Sri Lanka Chapter 262 annual exhibition “Blossoms of Hope 2024” was held at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel ‐ Ivy room on the 10th and 11th of May 2024. The chief guests were the patron, the ambassador for Japan in Sri Lanka, H.E. Hideaki Mizukoshi and Madam Mariko Mizukoshi.

21 members participated in the exhibition which consisted of eight themes. Fruiting material, disassembling and rearranging of the material, green plant, line and mass, shape of container, dried, bleached and coloured material, simplified arrangements, vines and free style. There were over 60 arrangements. There were demonstrations on the 10th at 4 p.m. by Siromi Elapata and Shiromi Soosaipillai. Part of the proceeds of the exhibition are donated to the Apeksha Hospital pediatric cancer ward.

Sri Lanka Chapter #262, Sri Lanka