2. Los Angeles #4, USA

Los Angeles #4, USA

Our chapter programs for March, April and May 2024

For two days in March our Katen was held in Ayres Hall at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. It was very successful. The Consul General of Japan, Mr. Kenko Sone and Mrs. Sone took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Mrs. Sone participated in the exhibition with an Ohara Ikebana arrangement.

This year for the first time, we had a theme, “Art to Ikebana”. It was optional to participate in using the theme, but many did. The exhibition space was full. There were 59 arrangements on display for two days. This year we were granted permission to utilize the patio to hang ikebana installations and to display ikebana at the Arboretum’s main entrance which attracted many garden visitors to the Exhibition Hall to view/enjoy the ikebana on display. There was a nonstop flow of visitors during the entire event. We also held mini workshops following each demonstration, which were very popular as the participants had a firsthand experience in creating an ikebana arrangement. They were eager to learn. We hope we inspired/influenced some people to want to learn ikebana and to seek an ikebana sensei for lessons.

In April, we held a monthly meeting with a workshop on how to make a basket for a Kakehana. The instructor was Alice Fujita Sensei with Ikebana Sangetsu Los Angeles who taught the participants how to make a wall hanging basket with cane. All basket making materials and wood display board were provided. There were 33 people (FULL HOUSE) who signed up to take the workshop. Fujita sensei demonstrated step by step, and assisted them as needed, to complete their basket. After the basket was completed, floral materials were provided to create an arrangement in the newly made basket. Everyone had a great time!

In May, we had a workshop to learn Ikenobo Shoka Shimputai Style led by Ikebana Ikenobo Society Los Angeles Chapter President, Izumi Minamitani. There were many participants from other ikebana schools in attendance eager to learn about the Shoka Style. Izumi Sensei provided clear details for the style and demonstrated two sample arrangements. The participants were given some materials to create their own expression and completed beautiful and distinctive arrangements.

Los Angeles #4, USA