2. Tokyo Founding Chapter

Tokyo Founding Chapter

We held Ikebana Exhibition 2023 by TFC Members, “Friendship through Flowers” on April 15th and 16th.

On April 15, we prepared the venue and held the flower exhibition. On the 16th, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony by Ms. Yuko Hayashi, spouse of the Foreign Minister, spouse of the Ambassador of Angola, four Iemoto, President of Ikebana International Headquarters, and President of Tokyo Founding Chapter.

Following the ceremony, we held an ikebana performance by TFC President Miyoko Watanabe with a dynamic performance by a calligrapher, Mr. Katsuhiro Miike. We also held ikebana workshop by 2 instructors, Mr. Riji Otsuka and Ms. Shoei Fujisawa and calligraphy workshop by Mr. Katsuhiro Miike. The two-day flower exhibition was a great success, with 67 ikebana works on display by those including the Ambassadors’ spouses and Ms. Yuko Hayashi.

A video of the exhibition has been uploaded to the TFC’s website as a virtual flower exhibition.

Tokyo Founding Chapter