2. Basel Chapter #227

Basel Chapter #227

The 3rd regulars’ table of the I.I. Basel Chapter took place on 18 November 2021 in the historic Schützenhaus in Basel, the traditional meeting place of our Chapter.
The theme of the day was a winter origami work. Under the expert instructions of our president Ursina, we had fun making lanterns in the shape of poinsettia flowers, using coloured wax paper. When we lit the little tea lights in the finished works, the effect on the table was wonderful, because the shiny reflection of the table surface also made the lanterns look like floating lotuses. Afterwards we folded origami lily flowers. These were made from a special paper template on which the logo of I.I., the address of our homepage and the QR code were printed. You can download and print the paper template from this link (https://www.facebook.com/IkebanaBasel/photos/a.3039606929646233/3039605722979687), the instructions can be seen on this page (https://de.wikihow.com/Eine-Origami-Lilie-falten).

Basel Chapter #227