2. Dubai Chapter #221

Dubai Chapter #221

The weather in Dubai is very beautiful these days. On December 6 we had a chapter meeting for Christmas celebration at the Internet City which was a very famous business center in Dubai. The venue was in a very modern building combined with a touch of traditional architecture that created a wonder atmosphere, and it was surrounded by a beautiful lake and many water features. Many big trees and grasses were everywhere.

The meeting was vibrant with full of excitement. Our festive themed arrangements were displayed with this beautiful background. More than 30 arrangements were exhibited and around 20 members and guests attended the meeting. The arrangements attracted the interest of the passersby and arouse their curiosity. All of us had a great time.

My aim as a president is to spread ikebana everywhere as well as to attract more people, and I have worked hard for it. We are trying to flourish our Ikebana Club in Dubai. As Sofu Teshigahara said, Ikebana is everywhere, anywhere and with everything.

Dubai Chapter #221