2. Tokyo Founding Chapter

Tokyo Founding Chapter

The 2022 TFC Member’s Demonstration took place at Embassy of Mexico on November 16, 2022.

The ambassadors’ wives expressed the colors of their countries, and the Japanese ikebana demonstrators did ikebana of hospitality. The Mexican music by B G M was fun, which made the atmosphere of the event even brighter.

Mme. Kaire Jurgenson, wife of the Estonian Ambassador, arranged blue and white flowers in the colors of the national flag. Hanan Abubakr, the wife of the Egyptian Ambassador, arranged a black tarekuwa and red amaryllis in a golden bowl. Mme. Nuning Wahyuniati Akhmadi, wife of the Indonesian Ambassador, decorated with red roses, white chrysanthemums, greenery, and Indonesian dolls, all inspired by the national flag.

We all spent a wonderful time enjoying the demonstrations in the atmosphere of Mexico.

Tokyo Founding Chapter