2. Singapore Chapter #135

Singapore Chapter #135

Our yearly Christmas celebration took place on December 6th at the Shangri-La hotel with a
blast after two years of subdued celebrations owing to COVID-19. A modest Ikebana exhibition set up by our members was on display as guests entered the ballroom. Peggy Loh, the President of our Chapter, greeted the members and guests with a warm welcome.

Mr. Harijanto Setiawan delighted the crowd with his amazing Christmas floral demonstration.
Everyone enjoyed the song performances by Dewi Theja and Mr. Christopher Lim, as well as the children’s chorus from Sekolah Misi Bagi Bangsa Batam (SMBB). The audience had a good time playing games as well.

We were delighted to have been able to spontaneously receive a total donation of $4800 from Harijanto’s four beautifully displayed works. Our Chapter President Peggy Loh provided an additional $200 to bring the total amount donated to $5,000. This donation will be used to support the education of underprivileged children from Sekolah Misi Bagi Bangsa Batam (SMBB). We were moved by our members’ selfless contributions. Every small action count and the moment was simply extraordinary. The entire affair was a great success and embodied the spirit of friendship through flowers.

Singapore Chapter #135