2. Mumbai Chapter #258

Mumbai Chapter #258

The Mumbai Chapter of Ikebana International organized an outdoor Ikebana workshop at the farm of Treasurer Rajshree Bajaj which is located in Shahpur on the outskirts of Mumbai on the 11th of January 2023.

It was a fine pleasant morning and there was excitement in the air as all the members arrived on 11th early morning to the farm. The day began with everyone having a sumptuous breakfast together. All the members were given a cap with their name initials on it. After breakfast an announcement was made that members could explore and gather fresh materials of their choice from the farm premises for their arrangement. Everyone returned with the bounty of their natural treasures that they found and assembled in the courtyard. In the courtyard outdoors, a classroom setting was arranged for the workshop and each member was given a table to participate.

As members prepared their materials for the workshop, they were given Alpinia ginger flowers which grow at the farm. Kites were also distributed to members to be used as props in their arrangements, as the workshop was close to the Indian festival of Sakranti, a kite flying festival. Thirty-two members participated in the workshop. The workshop began with President Taruna Agarwal demonstrating two arrangements. The members then enjoyed creating their ikebana using the materials at hand. It was a wonderful open-air experience as members enjoyed viewing each other’s work over cups of buttermilk and roasted corn. After the workshop a hearty lunch was served and the members bonded with each other chatting, singing, and dancing to Bollywood music.

The day ended with evening tea and as everybody prepared to leave with happy memories, Rajshree Bajaj handed each one a return gift of fresh vegetables and fruits that grow on her farm. The committee was happy that all the members have enjoyed it.

Mumbai Chapter #258