2. Gurugram Chapter #255, India Ohara workshop and exhibition

Gurugram Chapter #255, India Ohara workshop and exhibition

A workshop was held in August at Hotel Westin to teach basic Ohara styles for non-Ohara students, too. The teacher was none other than Mrs. Indira Misra, a giant in Ohara School. They had to bring their own materials including vases & scissors, flowers and greens. They had a wonderful chance to learn valuable lessons about Ohara School. The teacher went round correcting their mistakes. A few old students had come to help the novices. Learning Ikebana itself is like meditation. It is like Zem Buddhism, peaceful and quiet. With a teacher par excellence, the lucky students made perfect arrangements. It was a session to make friendship with flowers which incidentally is the motto of Ikebana. They chatted over a cup of tea later.

In the month of October, a mini exhibition was held at Hotel Westin by students of Ohara School. It turned out to be a fairly interesting show. A few footfalls were seen from those who were staying there. Some didn’t even know what Ikebana was.
Moribana, Hana Kanade and free styles looked very well done. Some made basic forms like the rising form, one row, inclining and circular form. Flowers of all colors and shapes were used. Green leaves of all shapes and sizes were used as mass. It was a fascinating display of Ikebana. Breaking away from the traditional Ohara styles, freestyle works were on display. It was worth a visit.

Gurugram Chapter #255, India Ohara workshop and exhibition