2. Houston Chapter #12, USA

Houston Chapter #12, USA

Morimono Workshop
Houston Chapter held a Morimono Workshop in the Bunjin Ohara style, conducted by Mrs. Sushila Mathew, a First Degree Master in the Ohara School with many years of teaching and for whom gardening is a way of life.

This ancient historical practice of harmonious arrangement of different objects like rocks, ceramics, fruits, woven baskets or flat boards and flowers, emphasizing form, texture, pattern and color, was brought to Japan from China.

Sushila created three arrangements with different themes. One suggested a Tea Ceremony using a tiny teapot, a cut pomegranate, wild mushrooms and delicate flowers. Another theme reflected a landscape from a mountain using a large stone and plants to a seashore using shells and urchins with rambutans. The last incorporated Buddha hand citrons, dragon fruit, red pears, gourds, bitter melon, a horned melon and an orchid.

The attendees were given orchids which were cleansed of dirt to show their roots, vegetables, fruits and gourds and enjoyed creating their own colorful displays. For many, this was their first experience with Morimono and it was the first time our chapter offered this workshop.

Houston Chapter #12, USA