2. New York #7, USA

New York #7, USA

Demonstration “Hello Spring!” by Judith Setsuko Hata – following Sogetsu School’s philosophy to “enjoy ikebana anytime, anywhere, using any material”

Ikebana International New York (IINY) Chapter, in partnership with the Jay Heritage Center and support from the Judith Setsuko Hata Fund, was honored to present “Hello Spring!”, a demonstration by Judith Hata from the Sogetsu School. Judith Hata, in celebration of both spring and her 99th year, shared her creative process and what ikebana has meant to her following Sogetsu School’s philosophy to “enjoy ikebana anytime, anywhere, using any material”.

Hata sensei arranged a welcome arrangement in her signature red wagon and 8 additional arrangements during the demonstration. The demonstration culminated in a large bamboo structure arranged with driftwood, spring flowering branches and flowers to cover the stage. Her assistants for the demonstration were her students, Deborah Kopinski, Riji and Roxane Wasserman, 2nd Jonin Sanyo.

Judith Hata’s lifelong passion with ikebana includes an active teaching career spanning over six decades. She attained the rank of Riji, the highest teacher’s degree in the Sogetsu School in 1978 having learned directly under Sofu Teshigahara, founder of the Sogetsu School, and then under his daughter and successor, Kasumi Teshigahara.

Judith Hata founded the New York Branch of Sogetsu in 1971 serving as its Director for 20 years and is still active as Advisor Emeritus. She was elected president of Ikebana International New York Chapter for multiple terms and has been integral to our chapter’s development holding active board positions for almost 60 consecutive years.

Known as Mrs. Hata or Hata Sensei, she taught extensively in the New York Metropolitan area and East Coast including Mainline Pennsylvania, Westchester, upstate Capital District New York, and for many years, in Manhattan introducing ikebana to major institutions as well as to small garden clubs and community groups.

New York #7, USA