2. New Delhi Chapter #77

New Delhi Chapter #77

June 12, 2021 

AGM & Ikebana Demonstration
Ikebana Demonstration & a small talk

  • How to enhance the impact of The ikebana work
  • Were very useful and practical Ikebana Workshop

July 10, 2021 
Ikebana Demonstration – Sogetsu

  • Be depicted this very eloquently – The essence of Ikebana is simplicity and in contrast to western flower arrangement, very few flowers, leaves and stems are used to achieve the desired effect . Ikebana uses the flowers, the container, and the space around the flower arrangement as part of the artistic expression

August 2, 2021
Ikebana Demonstration @ USA & Delhi India

  • Despite the pandemic, Delhi Ikebana International ,organised several impressive programs and compensated the lack of personal interaction!
New Delhi Chapter #77