2. Quito -Ecuador Chapter #233

Quito -Ecuador Chapter #233

March 6,10 and 24, 2021

  • “Composition of Mass and Lines curves or straight.” via ZOOM Ikebana Workshop
  • “Talk about sweets of each region”
  • “Composition of Mas and Lines curves or straight.”- “Master pieces of Knowledge”
  • Tried to put the arrangement in a very creative way – with Dry, colored, or bleached materials.

April and May 2021
Annual Workshops – Sogetsu

  • Were done activities on a virtual way.
  • Learned about the Ma and the real meaning of the “empty space” that apply to all the manifestation of art that lives the humans

April and May 2021 June 9, 2021
Registered of Annual EXPO “Regreened” Expressions in chlorophyll
A message of Light&Life – via zoom.

Quito -Ecuador Chapter #233