2. Seattle Chapter #19

Seattle Chapter #19

The program for the October 2021 virtual chapter meeting was Morimono by the following four members.

Nobuko Relnick, Sogetsu School, incorporated dried and fresh gourds in her arrangements and explained the process and benefits of drying gourds for use in Morimono and other dried arrangements.

The foundation for the arrangement by Linda Vane, Senke School, is a piece of dried driftwood that has bumps and ridges to hold the vegetables and fruits, and a hole in the back where she can use a small container or clear bowl with a Kenzan to secure and provide water to live plants.

The arrangement by Chin Zimonyi, Senke-Seishin School, is based on the Circle of Life and her today’s arrangement represents Autumn harvest. The foundation of her arrangement is a wooden vase and a wooden base (Kadai).

Diane Elliott, Sogetsu School, wanted to create space between the two groups of materials (and show the hole in the burl) in this Morimono but also create a connection between the groups via the curved lines of the rosemary branches and the curved stems of the gourds.

Seattle Chapter #19