2. Sydney Chapter #36

Sydney Chapter #36

February 18, 2021
General Meeting – Glass Container Workshop @ Chatswood Bowling Club

  • Hold a Glass Container Workshop.
  • Members brought their glass containers with suitable materials for a lovely exhibition from members of the different schools.
  • Had a fascinating demonstration by Sogetsu School, using crushed foil, gerberas and bamboo sticks in a glass jug.
  • Displayed Ikebana arrangements – Ohara School, Ikenobo, Chiko School, and Sogetsu School.

March 18, 2021
62nd Anniversary Celebration @ Chatswood Bowling Club

  • Was a happy occasion to get together again, after having to miss our 61st Anniversary.
  • Attended 24 members and 20 guests and held our celebration together.
  • Ikebana Demonstration, Exhibition – Chiko, Ikenobo, Koryu Shoyo-kai, Ohara, Sogetsu

15 April 2021
The variety of dolls and Ikebana Exhibition @ Chatswood Bowling Club

  • A display of a selection of the variety of dolls collected in Japan.
  • Ikebana exhibition – Chiko, Ikenobo, Ohara, Sogetsu

Sydney Chapter #36