2. Melbourne Chapter #29

Melbourne Chapter #29

The guest speaker at the June Meeting was Saori Kojima who is a Melbourne-based maker of Japanese sauces. Ms. Kojima studied health science at Fuji Women’s University in Sapporo before moving to Melbourne. In Australia she decided to share her knowledge of Japanese cuisine and its health benefits with family and friends, which then became a successful business.

At the meeting Ms. Kojima prepared lightly sauteed eggplant with her own Tsuyu sauce, as well as beans which were dressed with sesame seeds. It was not long before the room was fragrant with mouthwatering aromas. Following the demonstration showing the simplicity of the food preparation and cooking, the members present were then able to taste the eggplant and beans for themselves.

We were then treated to an ikebana demonstration by Thea Sartori, a senior Sogetsu School teacher. Thea’s four ikebana arrangements followed the theme of “Healthy Living”.

Melbourne Chapter #29