2. Chicago Chapter #27

Chicago Chapter #27

Our Chapter’s May meeting/workshop was the first event we returned to the Chicago Botanic Garden after two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The workshop took place at the new Learning Center building in the gardens. The classrooms are brand new. Both instructor and attendees enjoyed the facility very much. Professor Susan Haney of Ikenobo School conducted this workshop. She holds the Ikenobo School Full professor 1st Grade Sokako title.

In this workshop, she chose the seasonal peony as feature flower along with other greenery and branches. Peonies are from a farm in her home area, and she also selected some materials from her own garden such as grass and mock orange. Attendees have plenty of materials to choose from.

Professor Haney demonstrated 3 arrangements for students in the beginning to see the beauty of free style. The workshop attendees were from Ikenobo school, Ohara school, Ichiyo school and even beginners. They learned the very essence of Ikenobo free style from her who patiently critiqued every arrangement. It was a great learning process.

Chicago Chapter #27