2. Cologne Chapter #126

Cologne Chapter #126

We held the first Open Air Exhibition in Bonn Rheinauepark on Ikebana Day, 6th of June 2022.
In the middle of a huge park area next to the Japanese Garden Ikebana enthusiasts and passersby, like people strolling along, riding bicycles or on their way to meet friends or family, happened to pass our exhibition along the way.

We built one big group arrangement with ladders in the center that every member had already fixed at home and was now put together as a large structure added by orange bags with flowers. Additionally, there were twelve individual arrangements lined up on a grass field with waves of hills in the background.

The crowd was curiously watching the development of the Ikebana pieces and asking questions, taking pictures and walking around the pieces. The variety of the different styles of various schools made a big impression on them and they started discussions. Some people even called their friends to recommend visiting the exhibit that day.

For the majority of the time the sun was our companion, and even during a few rain showers spirits remained positive. Surprised by the encouraging feedback, we were amazed by the huge interest and we will definitely go on with Open Air Exhibitions in the future.

Cologne Chapter #126