2. Chicago Chapter #27

Chicago Chapter #27

Our chapter celebrated Ikebana Day 2023 by inviting Ohara School Sub Grandmaster Jose Salcedo to conduct two workshops and one free demonstration open to the public at Chicago Botanic Garden.

The workshops on Saturday June 10 were filled in a short time due to Sensei Jose’s great reputation in the Ikebana community in the U.S. We had workshop attendees came from other Ikebana International sister chapters. The youngest attendee was a high school teenager. Sensei Jose Salcedo featured Calla lily, Ikebana Day Flower of the Year, in both Inclining style and Hana Kande style.

Although it was cold, windy and rainy with a temperature below 60 degrees on Sunday, June 11, the bad weather didn’t stop people from showing up for Sensei Jose’s magic. Not only Sensei Jose is a well-respected teacher, he is also a sought-after Ikebana demonstrator and performer. There were close to 130 attendees at the demonstration, with some of them coming from far out of state, such as Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, and nearby Wisconsin. Sensei Jose arranged 7 Ohara signature styles to wow the audience: Hana Isho, Heika, Bunjin, Moribana, Rimpa and the finale Ohara Signature Landscape. The arrangements showcased the wide range of Ohara School beauty.

Mr. Hiroshi Tajima, Consul General, Chicago and his staff attended the demonstration from the beginning to the end and were impressed by Sensei Jose’s creativity. Mr. and Mrs. Baba from Japan America Society in Chicago, who have fully supported Ikebana events in Chicago for years, also attended the entire wonderful demonstration. Special thanks to Japan Foundation New York to make Ikebana Day event possible.
(photo credit: Jeng Fonseca)

Chicago Chapter #27