2. Kamakura Chapter #51, Japan

Kamakura Chapter #51, Japan

Demonstration at Jochiji Temple

At Jochiji Temple in Kita-Kamakura on a sunny autumn day, three members of our chapter, each from a different school, Kozan-ryu, Ikenobo, and Ohara School, gave a demonstration on the theme of putting autumn flowers in a basket.

The main demonstration of a dynamic ikebana work depicting autumn flowers was given by Ms. Hakuho Imano, Headmaster of Ikebana Hakuho-kai.

At lunch, we enjoyed a bento box from a long-established Kamakura restaurant and deepened our friendship. The venue for the event, Jochiji Temple, was surrounded by nature, and the autumn flowers were in full bloom, reaching the peak of its beauty.  

Kamakura Chapter #51, Japan