2. Houston Chapter #12 , USA

Houston Chapter #12 , USA

Fall Chrysanthemums
Our Chapter opened its program yearon October 10 with a demonstration andworkshop by Senior Ikenobo Professor Nanako Tingleaf, who also is one of oursenior most members with 47 wonderful years with our Chapter. She showedpictures and talked about the November c elebration of f all c hrysanthemums inJapan’s gardens, shrines and temples. Tingleaf sensei created several freestylearrangements using vertical and slanting orientations to inspire the participantsto create their own Ikenobo freestyle. She also made a lovely ShokaShimput ai.
It was a beautiful fall morning at Cherie Flores Pavillion and it was thewelcoming and happy spirit of the attendees that made the event so delightful.As a result, several former members and new guests decided to join or renewtheir membership. So, after our first event, our membership went up by fivepeople! It was truly the embodiment of Friendship through Flowers.

Houston Chapter #12 , USA