2. Montreal Chapter #155

Montreal Chapter #155

The demonstrations were given by Mrs. Kazuko Tanaka and by Ms. Josiane Girard of Koryu Shoutoukai School in our February Meeting. They showed a diversity of beautiful Ikebana arrangements. Mrs. Madeleine Murphy commented on the demonstrations explaining about general Ikebana history including Koryu Shoutoukai School and about the particularity of the school.

Ms. Josiane Girard showed an untypical traditional arrangement with pussy willows accompanied with another small opposite style traditional arrangement of tulips which gave a spring atmosphere. She showed the technique of manipulation of stems which makes an elegant and strong curb necessary for authentic traditional arrangement. She also showed a modern arrangement using tulips. Mrs. Kazuko Tanaka showed a traditional arrangement which is more modern and freer, being based on the same theory of typical traditional arrangement. She finished the demonstration with a big arrangement for events with a big branch and many kinds of flowers.

The workshop by Ms. Josiane Girard followed the demonstrations. We had many participants including guests who were interested in Ikebana. It was a very good contact and promotional experience for the guests. All the participants enjoyed the meeting and an exchange of friendship through flowers.

Montreal Chapter #155