2. Montreal Chapter #155

Montreal Chapter #155

The monthly activity of the month of June was our Chapter’s annual exhibition held at the Japanese Pavilion of Montreal Botanical Garden on Saturday June 10 and Sunday June 11, 2023.

The opening ceremony took place on the evening of Friday, June 9 with attendance of Mr. Jun Saito, Consul General of Consulate General of Japan in Montreal, Ms. Martine Bernier, Chief of Division of Public and Educational Programs of Montreal Botanical Garden and Ms. Veronique Nicole, member of CA of the Foundation of Japanese Garden and Pavilion of Montreal Botanical Garden. Members and guests celebrated the event with them. The opening ceremony reception was animated by Japanese beautiful music, Koto.

We had a special Ikebana arrangement in this event in order that we might pay tribute to the family of Mrs. Lucille Coté, past president twice, who loved Ikebana and Japan, on special request of her family for remembrance. Mrs. Coté established and developed Ikebana in Montreal. She was also active in the exchange of culture and friendship between the two countries through flowers. Mr. Alain Carrier, a new member from the same school, Sogetsu, as Mrs. Coté, was honored to create a big arrangement for commemoration. It was a nice and elegant thought to remember our old friend.

The arrangements of the participants were colorful and dynamic decorating all the space of Japanese Pavilion. The participants tried to meet with the theme: Best of Ikebana. There were 6000 visitors to the exhibition. The members were very busy explaining Ikebana arrangements and answering to questions from the guests. Members were satisfied and happy with this wonderful exhibition.

Montreal Chapter #155