2. Montreal Chapter #155

Montreal Chapter #155

Monthly activity – Koryu Shoutoukai, Ohara School, Sogetsu School

The new season started with the new board members. Our first monthly activity of the month of September was composed of the demonstrations of three different schools (Koryu Shoutoukai, Ohara School and Sogetsu School). Each teacher represents a typical arrangement of her school.

The demonstrators were as follows:

Koryu Shoutoukai: Ms. Josiane Girard
Ohara School: Mrs. Truus Roest-Chapman
Sogetsu School: Mrs. Saleb Abri

It is very interesting to see the arrangements of different technic and philosophy of three schools. It made the members understand the diversity of Ikebana arrangement and the potentiality of artistic expression through flowers. After demonstrations, we enjoyed exchange of friendship tasting small snacks with a cup of tea.

Montreal Chapter #155