2. Mumbai Chapter #258, India

Mumbai Chapter #258, India

Workshop with Vines

On 9th Octoberthe workshop was conducted by President Taruna Agarwal using fresh vines andfresh flowers at the Club in Mumbai. Thirty members participated in the workshop, includingtwo from the Japanese C onsulate, Mrs Sayuri Kaneko (Chief Consul’s wife) and a friend MrsChie Sutani. Fifteen members and five guests came to view the arrangements.
The participants were given two to three v ines and varied flower materials so that everyone’sarrangement s look different. After being introduced by First Vice President Vibha Gupta,President Taruna Agarwal demonstrated 5 to 6 arrangements using vines in different ways andcontainers to inspire the participants to create their own works of ikebana. It was a very interestingworkshop enjoyed by all the participants Mr. Toshihiro Kaneko (Chief Consul) graced the event,and he went around viewing each partic ipant’s creation s . He was all praises for the wonderfulworkshop by Taruna Agarwal and the participants’ beautiful works. The event began withrounds of refreshments and starters and ended with Lunch.

Mumbai Chapter #258, India