2. New Delhi Chapter #77

New Delhi Chapter #77

Our chapter organized a unique program on the 25th of November titled, ‘Jugalbandi’. Jugalbandi literally means ‘entwined twins’. Two prominent ikebana artists of two different schools, namely Sogetsu and Ohara, showed arrangements distinctive of their respective schools. They were Mrs. Syama Balbir , First Master of Ohara School, and  Mrs. Neena Verma, Jonan Sanyo, of Sogetsu School.

They used common material but, in a manner special to their schools. They used Monstera, Pine, Chrysanthemums as the common material. They made six arrangements unique to their schools, but the last arrangement was a fusion one which stole the show. They used different flowers like celosia, lilliums, daisies, ilex berries etc.

Members enjoyed this interesting program as well as the sumptuous tea that followed.
An enjoyable afternoon spent amongst flowers.

New Delhi Chapter #77