2. Philadelphia Chapter #71

Philadelphia Chapter #71

2023 Opening Luncheon/Demonstration – Sogetsu

At the beautiful place setting of Dupont Country Club located in 1001 Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE. The Philadelphia Chapter #71 Opening Luncheon/Demonstration was organized by Ms. Lynn Ryan. The Demonstration was presented by Ms. Louise Worner from Waterloo, Belgium. Her 25-year ikebana journey has spanned across Belgium, Japan, Australia, and Spain.

The demonstrator Ms. Worner illustrated “Sogetsu Ikebana can be created anytime, anywhere, by anyone and with any kind of material. Plants are products of Mother Nature, but the basic principle of Sogetsu is – Ikebana reflects the person who arranged it. – Flowers, no matter how beautiful, come from nature. We are the ones, using these natural materials, to create beauty with our feelings. This is different from natural beauty. Look at the plants carefully; discover their beauty and the pleasure of self-expression through your own arrangement.

A school will not continue if there are not arrangements that touch people’s heart. In other words, arrangements created both with skill and with one’s heart made an impression on, and attracted, people of time.

Philadelphia Chapter #71