2. Sarasota Chapter #115

Sarasota Chapter #115

Here Comes the ‘SUN’, Arranging with Sunflowers – September Meeting
Ikebana using Fresh and Unconventional Materials – October Meeting

Demonstration by Wafu School of Ikebana, by Polly Curran

When you think of sunflowers, you think of friends, smiling faces, and happiness. This was the case at our chapter’s first meeting of the season on September 25th, held at the Sarasota Garden Club.

Along with members and associates of our Chapter, a group of flower friends who are part of a special interest group with a local Women’s Club were invited to enjoy the demonstration by a Wafu teacher, Polly Curran. Using sunflowers with the material such as pandanus, saw palmetto, crotons, and other material, Polly created 4 different styles of arrangements. Each emphasized the natural beauty of tropical plants in Florida in Autumn.

This was followed by a mini workshop in which several of the guests enjoyed a moment with one of our teaching members. A special raffle of containers, plants, antique Japanese plates was conducted, along with a mini-Ginza sale of Ikebana equipments: kenzan, scissors, and containers, and rounded out a very successful beginning to our upcoming season.

This was the perfect moment to encourage new membership and renew our ‘Friendship through Flowers”.

Arrangement Using Unconventional Materials

The concept of using unconventional material in an arrangement indicates that it is a part of the design, not just a decoration. In presenting this concept, Claire Spencer-Spears clearly shows the uniqueness of simple household items that show creativity and a sense of style. As shown in the photos, selecting a container that compliments the design is important.

A workshop followed with members, new members and guests creating their own interpretations. Claire critiqued their works, bringing beauty and uniqueness to the unconventional material.

Sarasota Chapter #115