2. Seattle Chapter 19

Seattle Chapter 19

Two meaningful Presentations

“All About Bamboo”
Chapter Meeting Program – “All About Bamboo “Our Chapter’s March Meeting Program was “All About Bamboo” presented by James Clever. James has been a member of both the Pacific Northwest Chapter and the American Bamboo Society since 1986. He started his business “Bamboo Gardener” in 1989 opening a specialty nursery to cater to those seeking bamboo plants and services by a gardener that could manage the needs of this elusive vigorous plant.

James provided an informative and engaging presentation. He discussed the anatomy and lifecycle of the bamboo plant and the differences between running and clumping species. Examples of low growing ground cover, short shrub and giant tree bamboos were provided. Photographs of variations in size, shape, color, cane thickness, height, and shape (erect or bent) were shown. James shared his expertise in plant selection, site selection, correct installation, plant care, and containment systems with ways to control and meld bamboos with other plants and structures to form a long living maintainable garden. James did an outstanding job answering Chapter members’ questions from an appreciative audience.

April 20th, 2023 Sumi Demonstration by Alice Liou
At our April Chapter Meeting, Alice Liou, a member of the Puget Sound Sumi Artists, provided a presentation on sumi art and history, including how it evolved into different art forms and styles.

Sumi Demonstration by Alice Liou
Alice presented the evolution of calligraphy and showed the differences between Chinese and Japanese characters. She elaborated on the tools for calligraphy – in particular, the paper (or silk), the ink (traditionally a stick made from pine soot and animal glue, then dried and prepared with a grinding stone), and the brushes, including the sizes and various hairs used to make them for the desired effect. Alice said that ink painting, Sumi-e, originated from calligraphy. She provided detailed descriptions of when you might use a certain type of brush and ink density for a particular effect; and the importance of applying speed, control, and pressure to the brushstroke. She mentioned the “three best friends” for learning basic brushstrokes – pine, plum branches, and bamboo. She also compared Japanese and Chinese painting techniques and content. Alice demonstrated how to add watercolor to an existing Ikebana ink painting. She discussed the use of brushstrokes and ink density to show light and the use of blank space to enhance the composition. She also showed how creativity can be applied during the painting process so that the painting interest can be enhanced. Using the spontaneous sumi style, the end goal of the painting is to capture the essence of the subject and not be a photographic replica.

The presentation closed with the audience wanting to see and hear more of what Alice had to show and tell, but we were out of time. She was a delightful and informative speaker with total command and knowledge of her art. We hope to see her again

Seattle Chapter 19