2. The Netherlands Chapter #215

The Netherlands Chapter #215

This year the International Horticultural Exhibition FLORIADE is taking place in Almere Holland. This Horticultural show is held every 10 years and is a very important place for countries to show their capabilities in research and development on plant breeding and technics, horticultural craftmanship, garden design, etc. Many countries including Japan send contributions.

A beautiful Satoyama Farm house and garden was built for this 5-month exhibition in the middle of abundant park with trees, scrubs, flowers, canals and ponds. The Dutch Ikebana Society and our chapter were invited to organize a two weeks’ exhibition in this Japan house.

Over 25 members of the two organizations were occupied with this huge event. All four schools represented in the Netherlands (Ohara, Ikenobo, Sogetsu and Ichiyo) made arrangements that gave a very good impression of high level of Ikebana in the Netherlands.
All contributors were very happy to work together with the staff of the Japan House who helped us whenever we asked. This big event attracted a large number of spectators, and many of them were impressed by the exhibited arrangements and showed interest in Ikebana.

The Netherlands Chapter #215