2. Mumbai Chapter #258

Mumbai Chapter #258

On 24th August 2022 Ikebana International Mumbai Chapter organized an excursion to Aamby Valley which is about 110 kms away from the city of Mumbai. Members were excited this time as things have opened up and fear of Covid has diminished. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect for the long drive. The Chapter President Mrs. Taruna Agarwal suggested that all members wear Red T-shirts and blue jeans as dress code.

After a quick stop for breakfast, we headed to our destination. On landing there Vibha Gupta handed a red rose to each member to match their attire. All the members used them as props and posed for photographs, laughing and bonding with each other.

They then headed for the Monsoon Safari…a quick journey via motorboat takes you to a wild forest and waterfalls. Members trekked their way through the forest, admiring the flora and fauna and natures ikebana…collecting driftwood and vines as they trudged along. On reaching the waterfall they all enjoyed getting wet in the gushing waterfall.

Everyone came back rejuvenated with this exercise and voracious for a hearty lunch. They then all headed to the Bungalow, where members played games and exchanged jokes and experiences. After a tea break, they headed back to Mumbai with their car booths full of Ikebana material and their minds full of happy memories!

Mumbai Chapter #258